Artificial Flower Crown Style Headpiece

  • $35.00

These lei upo'o are sewn (NOT GLUED) and will fit 22-23" head measurements.  If you need it bigger or smaller, just let me know.  The pictures are samples only.  The colors and styles of flowers may vary, but you will get a nice mix like these.  If you need a special maybe for a wedding or a birthday themed party, please text me first to make sure I can make it in those colors.  

(Why does it matter if it's glued or sewn, you ask?  Hot day or hot head after wearing it for awhile...or maybe you put it in your costume box and the temperature in your car goes up.  Have you ever had hot glue re-melt in your hair...?  It's not fun.  Or re-melt in your costume box and now your lei upo'o is stuck to other costumes?  STILL not fun...and a waste.  #advisefromauntiemel ... sewn is always worth the extra cost.)

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