Gourd Bra 10H x 11W

  • $90.00

As promised, I started making gourd bras because there were so many frustrated dancers who just couldn’t fit into the largest coconut bras.  The dancers I met who found gourd bras complained they looked like giant bowls on their chest.  I heard ya... and made them a little different!  The picture shows our largest C-cup coconut bra (top) and our gourd bra (bottom) so you can see the difference in size and shape.

This gourd is the one you will receive.  It measures 10” from top to bottom and 11” from side to side inside each cup.  Because larger, more busty lady bodies come in all shapes, I cannot provide a cup size for these.  I can only give you the measurements of the gourd itself.  You will need to measure your boob to see if this will fit you.  

***PLEASE DO NOT GUESS!  Because of the demand and the amount of time these bras take to make, GOURD BRAS ARE FINAL SALE...no exceptions.  ***

Gourds ARE NOT coconuts and they ARE NOT fabric bras.  With that said, I must remind you to be careful with them.  They do not stretch.  They are hard because our gourd suppliers grow awesome gourds, but still, just be careful.  These types of bras are not intended to tie super tight around the neck to give yourself instant boob lifts.  The weight of your chest will crack the gourd.