Hau Hip Hei

Hau Hip Hei

  • $110.00

This hip hei is made with hau fiber. (That's the stuff real "grass" skirts are made of.) I haku (braid) the hau fibers, then hand sew it onto a fabric/lauhala band. For larger sizes, this style is highly recommended so the band doesn't look floppy like what happens with the tie on style. Closes with velcro.

I can also add stuff to it to customize it for you...raffia, niau, feathers...just ask and I can give you a quote.

If I will be making more than one colored hip hei, please order them at the same time so the hau can be dyed at the same time!

The bra and/or olive color pareu in the picture are not included, but are available. Just ask!