Hole Drilling

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Some people make costumes with glue.  Auntie will tell you what happens with glue...it remelts or it gets cold and the shells pop off!  "What happens if a shell pops off while you're on stage dancing?", you ask.  It smashes on the ground and breaks in most case and you have to step on the broken pieces and smile bigger to cover up the PAIN!  =)  Don't do it this way.  Take it from me, it's no fun.  I can drill holes in your shells before I mail.  Just pick where you want your holes from the drop down menu below.  

***This listing is PER SHELL.  If you need me to drill more than one shell, please add that many to the cart before checking out.  For instance, if you bought 10 shells and need them all center drilled, please select that option and change the quantity to 10 and then add it to your cart.  

***Holes only available for Mother of Pearl, opehe, pen shells and abalone shells.