Ori Tahiti Feather and Abalone Shell Costume

  • $130.00

Feather and shell headpiece for Ori Tahiti (Tahitian Dance) is appropriate for Ra’atira Pupu, Ori Tahiti soloist, group otea or drumming...vahine or tane.  Available with or without the necklace.   Necklace has matching feathers, cut shells and abalone shells sewn onto a woven sennit base that closes with a shell in loop type clasp.  Please use the dropdown menu to select which pieces you’d like and if you want me to change the feather color.

All of my headpieces are hand and machine sewn.  There is no glue on these pieces.  You can customize any of the colors or fibers to make it your own.  Just let me know what changes you would like to make.  

Headpieces close with velcro so they adjust to fit 21-24" head measurements.  If you need it bigger, just let me know.

I make everything in the order paid.  Typical wait time varies 3-14 weeks depending on the time of year.  If you need your costume sooner, please search “rush” and add to your cart.

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