Raffia Hip Hei with Feathers for Agnes

Raffia Hip Hei with Feathers for Agnes

  • $95.00

Lina 44
Raquel 40
Lisah 39
Jaedaci 31
Nana 26
Sam 36
Kelani 33.5
Leilani 27
Dhilan 38.5

Raffia hip hei, Cook Island Style. Brown feathers.

***PLEASE NOTE- I make everything in the order paid.  Current wait time is 4-5 weeks right now with a rush fee.  As discussed with Agnes, I will be squeezing these between orders and need the listings to be paid by the end of this weekend (November 10th) at the latest to make sure I have all materials in stock and that they are in the mail to be received Dec 9th..  Any costume ordered after that will have a $25 rush fee as I will need to order materials in smaller quantities from the suppliers with faster shipping.

All of my pieces are hand and machine sewn.  There is no glue on these pieces..

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