About us

Welcome to my little slice of paradise! California Hula Center was created so dancers can get everything they need, at reasonable prices, all in one place! One place=one shipping!

I originally started my online store on Etsy.com September 2009 and it was great... but I was limited on only items I handmade myself.  As time went on, we started #VendorTour which included setting up a mini physical store to sell our goodies at competitions and festivals. It has been a complete blast... hard work and long hours, but awesome just the same!  With the new booths, we added so many new products to stay relivant.  Some I do not make myself... thus the search began for a new webhost...SHOPIFY!  

So... over 13 years online and 12 years at a physical location...people ask if I have a "real job"!  My reply, "Why would I have one of those?  Then I would have to wear real shoes!"  hahahaha!  

I hope you find everything you need here.  If not, please feel free to text me!  209 610-1767

I wish for you #blessingsUponBlessings and a life full of love!

Auntie Mel =)