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CLEARANCE AND WHILE SUPPLIES LAST- Sometimes when I receive the restocks of pareus, the boxes get torn or sometimes the fabric is mishandled while overseas causing stains, small tears or abnormalities...and you know how Auntie is!  Can't have that here!  

I will add the pareus that I find in this listing.  Sometimes it's such a small blemish or you can still use the fabric to cover a bra or something that these would be perfect!  Most times I just don't have the storage space to hold them until the next project.  Might as well share!

1. White, half size, premium quality pareu- (regular price $15) These are the best quality rayon.  This one has a small orange stain towards the bottom.  I don't know what it is from, but it came out of the box that way.  The stain is about the size of a small paper clip. 

2.  Bright yellow pareu with fringe- (Full size, solid pareus are regular $10.)There were two boxes mixed up in my container this shipment.  These pareus have a resort name printed on the bottom.  The lettering is small and it would be very easy to cut off the bottom and sew up the sides.  I just don't have the time or the storage space.  Need these to go!  

3.  Dark purple pareu with fringe- same situation as above.