Coconut Bra - Regular Cut

  • $25.00

Available most times in A, B and C-cup coconuts.  All sales on cocos are final.  A, B and C-cup cocos can be exchanged, but there are usually not D-cups to trade.  If you are a D-cup in regular bra size, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SQUEEZE into a C-cup and then trade up.  You will not fit a C-cup.

D-cups come along once in a great while.  I post them on Instagram so make sure you follow us and grab them while you can!!  D-cup Plus cocos are bigger than the D-cup cocos, but I have only seen it happen once.  I don’t have the ability to properly size a DD-cup chest so I just call them “Plus”.  You can see the difference in the last picture.  Ds and D+ cocos are FINAL SALE.  

Color, size and shape may vary as they are a product of nature.  These aren't the "cereal bowl" round ones either.  They have a nice shape and are bottom cut to fit to your ribcage.  Sometimes the middle strings need to be adjusted a little depending on your body frame.  

***D-cup and DD-cup Plus coconuts are like unicorns.  If you find them, they are SUPER rare!  If there are any available, grab em!