Coconut Bra - Demi cut

  • $50.00

These have been FLYING off the reason, they're cheaper than most places...and two, they are hard to find! Cut 30%, these demis show a little more than the regular coconut bras, but not so much where your 13 year old will look like she should have a t-shirt over it!

Shapes of the actual coconut may vary because, well, it's a coconut! The cut will vary slightly as well. The picture is a C/D cup so the coverage is greater, the slant is higher. Smaller cups won't have the height like these coconuts because the coconut started with is smaller. If I cut it like this, for a smaller size, it would create a gap.

Please give me an accurate cup size when ordering and if you can put a note in the memo if you are on the smaller end of the size you order, that is helpful. (Example: If you order a B-cup, please add in the memo, "I am a smaller B." or "I am a true B."). PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ORDER A C-CUP HOPING TO SQUEEZE A D-CUP INTO IT. A C-Cup is a C-Cup. (Same goes for the other other sizes.) In some cases, the middle string may need to be adjusted for proper coverage.

Unfortunately, I do not cut D-cup coconut bras. Can't seem to find big enough coconuts. I try to carry these in stock/ready to ship, but sometimes they sell so quick, no can. Please allow cutting time. I try to cut demi bras on Wednesdays if the weather permits, but depending on how many people paid before you, wait time could be 3-4 weeks.

Please let me know if you need more than what I have listed!