Halo-Halo Blood Apparel

  • $25.00

This is what you get when you mix Filipino blood with another nationality… our newest addition to the #CaliforniaHulaCenter apparel line extends to a culture outside Polynesia. It has nothing to do with dance. It does however have to do with inclusivity, the honor and respect, the love and acceptance of who we are. It reads, “Halo-Halo… I am Filipino… and a little bit more.” (Halo-Halo translates to Mix-Mix.)

Growing up, I never quite fit. Not sure if you get what I mean. Mexicans didn’t truly embrace me bcuz I was asian. Filipinos didn’t fully embrace me bcuz I was Mexican. And the Chinese… well, they didn’t even believe me when I told them I was Chinese! Let’s not talk about the Portuguese… my mom’s maiden name is literally Silva. How much more can you get, but no… no love there either. Being 4th generation American, I do not get to say I am ______. I only speak English. I don’t have one “look”. I get to laundry list my ethnicities. People called me Heinz 57 or mutt. (Rude…I’m not a dog. 😡) Only as an adult did I truly understand how special being mixed was. How I could have a straight Chinese grandma marry a 100% Filipino grandpa and have my dad… and how my pure Mexican grandma could birth my mom with a pure Portuguese grandpa. Then my mestiza mom and my halo halo dad had me! I created this design to embrace all of us mixed breeds. There is no shame for we are a race of our own. One love, one family, one heartbeat. We are #HaloHaloBlood ! #IamAmerican #CaliforniaHulaCenter #newApparel #Mestiza #MixedBlood #MixedBreed #adviseFromAuntieMel

All tops and hoodies are black.  Tees and tanks have the saying on the front and the Philippines flag on the back.  The zipper hoodie has the saying on the back and the flag on the front.  Now also available in kids sizes. (S 4-6, M 7-9, L 10-12)

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