Rush Program

Rush Program

  • $15.00

Sometimes you find out that you need a custom costume for an event coming up faster than the 3-4 week (off peak)/4-6 week (peak season) wait time.  I understand.  Sometimes things happen.  This program was made for those times and the times when you knew you needed to order, but maybe it wasn't your first priority...or worse... maybe you forgot!  Please use the drop down menu to select which type of rush you need.  

Extra SUPER rush- Will be in the mail within 1-3 business days.

SUPER Rush- Will be in the mail within 4-7 business days.

Regular Rush- Will be in the mail 8-14 business days.

This rush fee is PER ITEM.  Example:  If you ordered just a headpiece, please choose which rush you need and add ONE to your cart.  If you ordered a bra, necklace and headpiece, please add THREE to your cart.  Non-handmade stuff, like materials and fibers, pareus or shells, do not need rush program.

Please contact me if you need more explanation.  Thank you!